Intensional Logic and the Metaphysics of Intentionality


Edward N. Zalta


Cambridge, MA: MITPress/Bradford Books, 1988 (xiii + 256 pages)

Table of Contents


Part One: Introduction

Chapter 1: Intensionality and Intentionality

Chapter 2: An Overview of the Theory

Part Two: Strong Extensionality

Chapter 3: The Basic Theory of Relations

Chapter 4: Propositions, Situations, Worlds, and Times

Chapter 5: Definite Descriptions

Part Three: Existential Generalization

Chapter 6: The Turn-of-the-Century Debate About Intentionality

Chapter 7: The Analysis of Existential Generalization

Chapter 8: Meinong's Recent Resurrection

Part Four: Substitutivity and Existential Generalization

Chapter 9: Direct Reference, Fregean Senses, and The Propositional Attitudes

Chapter 10: Further Issues Concerning the Attitudes

Chapter 11: Other Substitutivity Puzzles

Part Five: Conclusion

Chapter 12: A Comparison with Montague's Intensional Logic

Appendix: The Formal Intensional Logic