On Mally's Alleged Heresy: A Reply


Edward N. Zalta


History and Philosophy of Logic, 13/1, 1992, 59-68


In this paper, the author responds to D. Jacquette's paper, ``Mally's Heresy and the Logic of Meinong's Object Theory''
(History and Philosophy of Logic, 10, 1989, 1-14), in which it is claimed that Ernst Mally's distinction between two modes of predication, as it is employed in the theory of abstract objects, is reducible to, and analyzable in terms of, a single mode of predication plus the distinction between nuclear and extranuclear properties. The argument against Jacquette's claims consists of counterexamples to his reductions and analyses. Reasons are offered for thinking that no such reduction/analysis of the kind Jacquette proposes could be successful.

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