Reflections on Mathematics


Edward N. Zalta


in Philosophy of Mathematics: Five Questions, V.F. Hendricks and H. Leitgeb (eds.), New York, London: Automatic Press/VIP, 2007, pp. 313–328.


This paper contains answers to the following Five questions, posed by the editors are answered: (1) Why were you initially drawn to the foundations of mathematics and/or the philosophy of mathematics? (2) What example(s) from your work (or the work of others) illustrates the use of mathematics for philosophy? (3) What is the proper role of philosophy of mathematics in relation to logic, foundations of mathematics, the traditional core areas of mathematics, and science? (4) What do you consider the most neglected topics and/or contributions in late 20th century philosophy of mathematics? (5) What are the most important open problems in the philosophy of mathematics and what are the prospects for progress?

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