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If you have further questions about the World Wide Web, you might find the following web page useful. This is the World Wide Web `Frequently Asked Questions' maintained at Its URL is:

This document is a repository of questions and answers about the procedures and programs described in this note. For example, you will find an up to date list of the Web browsing software available on a wide variety of computer platforms. You should, whenever possible, compare the information I have provided in this note with the information available in that document, to make sure it is still current.

It is my hope that the above information will prove useful to those of you interested in creating a home page, creating a Web site, or installing a server on your machine. I should say that a simple home page can be created in about an hour, whereas a fancier home page with links to supporting documents takes about a day. It takes a couple of hours to format your vitæ in HTML (depending on the size of your vita, of course), and a couple of hours to write up abstracts of (some of) your papers and create links to them. A fancy Web site might take a week to construct, working 2 hours a day. Of course, if you think of this as a kind of publication, the time will be well spent. And once it is done, you can get back to the business of thinking about and doing philosophy, if you haven't already done some in creating your Web site.

Edward N. Zalta
Originally written: October 1995; revised February 2004.