On Anselm’s Ontological Argument in Proslogion II


Paul E. Oppenheimer and Edward N. Zalta


History of Philosophy and Logical Analysis, 25 (2022): 327--351. doi:10.30965/26664275-bja10054


Formulations of Anselm's ontological argument have been the subject of a number of recent studies. We examine these studies in light of Anselm's text and (a) respond to criticisms that have surfaced in reaction to our earlier representations of the argument, (b) identify and defend a more refined representation of Anselm’s argument on the basis of new research, and (c) compare our representation of the argument, which analyzes that than which none greater can be conceived as a definite description, to a representation that analyzes it as an arbitrary name.

[Author's preprint available online in PDF]