The Metaphysics of Routley Star


Edward N. Zalta


forthcoming, The Australasian Journal of Logic.


This paper investigates two forms of the Routley star operation, one in Routley & Routley 1972 and the other in Leitgeb 2019. We use object theory (OT) to define both forms and show that in OT’s hyperintensional logic, (a) the two forms aren't equivalent, but (b) become equivalent under certain conditions. We verify our definitions by showing that the principles governing both forms become derivable and need not be stipulated. Since no mathematics is assumed in OT, the existence of the Routley star image s* of a situation s is therefore guaranteed not by set theory but by a theory of abstract objects. The work in the paper integrates Routley star into a more general theory of (partial) situations that has previously been used to develop the theory of possible worlds and impossible worlds.

[Author's preprint available online in PDF]