Susanne Z. Riehemann

After several years at SRI International I now work in the Machine Intelligence group at Google. I got my Ph.D. from the Linguistics Department at Stanford University. I was also a member of the HPSG and LinGO projects at CSLI. Before coming to Stanford I studied at the University of Tübingen (SfS), and at the Centre for Cognitive Science of the University of Edinburgh.

My research interests are in Computational Linguistics, HPSG, Morphology, and Corpus Linguistics. My dissertation is about a constructional approach to idioms and word formation in HPSG.

On this web site you can find information about my publications, my CV, the computing web page I made for the department, and various pages with photos, from my various travels with my husband, Ed Zalta. My collection of links is also available.

Last modified: December 31 2014